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Redefined the basic concept of fashion design

The brand name "PARTsPARTs" combines the concept of "PART," which signifies division and differentiation, with the addition of "S," representing the sum of parts. In essence, it signifies the pursuit of communication and various forms of art beyond the realm of fashion design, making "ART" more meaningful in the context of fashion. 

Designer IMSEONOC graduated as a major in Japanese cultural attire and made her debut in the fashion world during the Millennium. She was selected as one of the 'Top 100 Next Generation Leaders to Shine in Korea.' She launched the brand "PARTsPARTs" in 2011, driven by the intention to create practical, non-cliche, and waste-free clothing, almost like uniforms, with Sustainable Fashion

sustainable fashion

Beware trying to buy new clothes

PARTsPARTs' ZERO-WASTE, crafted with innovative materials and production methods, ultimately epitomizes Sustainable Fashion. It's a concept aimed at minimizing issues like excessive consumption, resource waste, and increased waste in the clothing production process. From the design phase to production, this unique approach involves planning and developing a systematic process.

The zero-waste design requires meticulous planning and execution throughout the entire process. PARTsPARTs design patterns in a way that resembles Lego blocks, ensuring that each part (PARTs) fits perfectly, thus minimizing fabric waste.


We envision the alignment of high-level neoprene welding techniques with the philosophy of ZERO WASTE, ensuring that our products seamlessly match this vision.


Well-crafted clothing boasts a beautiful silhouette and structural integrity. By setting high standards for specifications, we meticulously design and arrange the appropriate pattern pieces.


We sensitively adapt to changes in climate and trends while maintaining PARTsPARTs' unique design aesthetics, where individual pieces are meticulously composed and combined.


Our designs are simple and minimalistic. The garment's seams are expertly bonded, resulting in a beautiful silhouette. They are also reversible and ensure comfort when worn.


im seonoc

Creative Directer

Designer IM SEON-OC, after graduating with honors in Japanese cultural attire, made her debut in the millennium collection and was selected as one of the 'Top 100 Next-Generation Leaders to Shine in Korea.' She launched her brand, PARTsPARTs, in 2011 with a commitment to creating clothing that is not clichéd, waste-free, and resembles uniforms.

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